Sound of Love flower basket

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The Sound of Love flower basket from Florist-Bangkok. This captivating arrangement features a stunning blend of red and white flowers, symbolizing both passion and tenderness. At the heart of the basket are premium red roses and vibrant red gerberas, representing deep love and cheerfulness. These are complemented by fresh white lilies and white roses, symbolizing purity and reverence. Depending on the season, other red and white flowers may be added to enhance the basket’s beauty. Decorated with a red or red-and-white ribbon, this basket is perfect for expressing ardent love and fidelity. Each basket includes our signature greeting card with your personalized message. Check additional photos in the gallery for the basket’s original basket’s size.


The Sound of Love flower basket from Florist-Bangkok is a breathtaking arrangement that combines symbolic meanings with a striking visual appeal. The premium red roses signify deep love and passion, while the red gerberas add a touch of cheerfulness and warmth. The fresh white lilies represent purity and commitment, and the white roses convey reverence and humility. Together, these flowers create a harmonious blend of emotions, embodying both intense love and sincere devotion. Named “Sound of Love” to reflect the symphony of emotions conveyed through its red and white flowers, this basket captures the essence of a balanced relationship where passion and tenderness coexist.

Choosing a flower basket over a traditional bouquet offers several advantages. A flower basket often appears more luxurious and abundant while maintaining a similar price point to bouquets. The inclusion of a floristic sponge at the bottom ensures the flowers remain hydrated, extending their freshness and making them easier to care for. Additionally, baskets are more convenient to carry and display, adding to their practical benefits.

At Florist-Bangkok – reliable flower delivery service in Bangkok – all baskets are meticulously crafted by skilled florists using only the freshest flowers. We source our blooms daily from local markets and trusted international suppliers, ensuring top quality and vibrancy. Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction guarantees that each arrangement is a true work of art.


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