Exquisite Bouquets from Florist-Bangkok for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to expressing love and affection, is celebrated not only worldwide but also in the heart of Thailand – Bangkok. At Florist-Bangkok, we understand the importance of this romantic occasion and strive to make it extra special for our customers. This year, our flower shop is proud to offer a curated selection of bouquets designed to captivate and enchant your loved ones.

Extended Delivery Period

To accommodate the unique preferences of our customers, Florist-Bangkok has extended its Valentine’s Day bouquet delivery period. Starting on February 11 and concluding on February 15, our new and regular customers have the flexibility to choose any of these days on the calendar for their special deliveries.

Emphasis on Red Roses

Recognizing the timeless significance of red roses during Valentine’s Day, Florist-Bangkok gives priority to these classic blooms. However, our assortment also includes a limited number of other flowers such as white and pink roses, sunflowers, and lilies. Please note that during the Valentine’s Day celebration, orders for alternative bouquets are either limited or temporarily blocked to ensure the availability of the most sought-after flowers.

Chocolate Delight

As an extra gesture of love, customers have the option to include premium imported Ferrero Rocher chocolate (large 375g box) with their bouquet orders. This delectable addition is certain to delight and add a sweet touch to your Valentine’s Day celebration.

Seasonal Pricing

The cost of bouquets during Valentine’s Day is slightly higher than at other times of the year due to objective reasons. A significant increase in prices for fresh roses and other flowers from our suppliers, coupled with heightened global demand, leads to increased costs. At the same time, the cost of fresh flowers increases as the holiday approaches and on February 13-14 this is the maximum price.

We are also forced to gradually increase the prices for bouquets, for which we must order additional batches of flowers (the size of our flower shop in Bangkok does not allow us to purchase a huge batch of flowers at a lower price in advance, and the quantity of fresh rose flowers used by our store varies annually). Therefore, early ordering of a bouquet helps our clients save money by ordering flowers from the first batch. The quality and freshness of such flowers remains high, because we receive them just before the holidays.

Delivery Logistics

During Valentine’s Day, the demand for courier services in Bangkok rises significantly, impacting the cost of flower delivery. Florist-Bangkok encourages customers to provide the correct phone number for the recipient, facilitating communication and ensuring a convenient delivery time. Additionally, detailed location information, including the name of the building and room number, proves invaluable for our couriers in navigating Bangkok’s unique address searching challenges.

Dedicated Team

On Valentine’s Day, the entire team at Florist-Bangkok works tirelessly from early morning until night to create and deliver all bouquets on time. Understandably, this dedication may result in delayed responses on social networks or email regarding the delivery status of specific bouquets.

Florist-Bangkok is honored to be a part of your Valentine’s Day celebrations, providing meticulously crafted bouquets that symbolize love and affection. We wish all our customers a joyous Valentine’s Day filled with true mutual love, and we appreciate your trust in choosing our flower shop in Bangkok for this special occasion.