Forgiving heart bouquet


Forgiving heart bouquet from the flower shop Florist-Bangkok. This stunning bouquet of 15 premium imported roses is designed to soften the recipient’s heart. Indeed, in the language of flowers, 15 roses have the symbolic meaning “forgive me,” and the beauty and freshness of these large roses will not leave any girl or woman indifferent. However, it is not necessary to give this bouquet any special meaning, because it is just a large and very beautiful bouquet that you can give for absolutely any occasion and for no reason. In addition to 15 pink roses, the price of the bouquet includes: seasonal green filler, a pink gift wrapper with a bow and a greeting card with your touching message for the recipient of the Forgiving Heart bouquet.

Large premium roses;
Same day delivery (after paying before noon);
Greeting card with your  message.


“Forgiving Heart” bouquet, an exquisite creation from the esteemed flower artisans at Florist-Bangkok. Crafted with meticulous care and an eye for detail, this bouquet is a visual symphony of 15 premium imported pink roses, each bloom whispering tales of tenderness and compassion. Pink roses, heralded as the quintessential symbol of grace and admiration, imbue this bouquet with a profound significance. In the eloquent language of flowers, pink roses convey messages of appreciation, admiration, and, most notably, forgiveness. With each delicate petal, they speak of reconciliation and the willingness to mend rifts, making the “Forgiving Heart” bouquet a poignant gesture of reconciliation and peace.

What truly sets this arrangement apart is the captivating contrast between the soft hues of pink roses and the verdant embrace of seasonal green fillers. The lush greenery serves as a vibrant backdrop, accentuating the delicate beauty of the roses and infusing the bouquet with a sense of vitality and harmony. At Florist-Bangkok, our team of skilled florists brings years of expertise and passion to every creation. With unwavering dedication, they meticulously hand-select each stem, ensuring only the finest blooms grace our arrangements. Their commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of the “Forgiving Heart” bouquet, from its flawless composition to its exquisite presentation.

We understand the significance of timely delivery, which is why we offer the convenience of same-day flower delivery in Bangkok for orders placed before noon. For those seeking to convey their sentiments promptly, our efficient delivery service ensures that your heartfelt gesture reaches its recipient without delay. Additionally, our delivery service extends beyond the bustling streets of Bangkok, reaching into the tranquil suburbs and neighboring provinces, offering a seamless experience for both sender and recipient.

Furthermore, at Florist-Bangkok, we prioritize affordability without compromising on quality. Our delivery fees are nominal, ensuring that spreading joy and love through flowers remains accessible to all. Whether it’s a spontaneous gesture of affection or a heartfelt apology, the “Forgiving Heart” bouquet is a timeless expression of love and forgiveness, destined to leave a lasting impression on its recipient.


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