Money Bouquet 15 000 THB (2 days)


Surprise your girlfriend or wife with a truly enchanting gift—a money bouquet from Florist-Bangkok. This exquisite bouquet features 15 delicate lilac roses, meticulously handcrafted from 30 authentic 500 Thai baht banknotes. The money roses are artfully arranged in the shape of a heart, evoking sentiments of love and affection. To provide a striking contrast, the roses are elegantly surrounded by fresh seasonal green filling. In Thailand, presenting a cash bouquet is a cherished tradition, making it an ideal gift for a Thai girl on various occasions such as birthdays, expressions of gratitude, tokens of support, or heartfelt apologies. Each bouquet is meticulously prepared and includes a beautiful gift wrap with a ribbon, 15,000 baht in crisp banknotes, a vibrant green filler, and a thoughtful greeting card. With this unique and captivating gift, you can be certain to create an unforgettable moment of joy and surprise.


In Thailand, cash gifts hold a profound significance, representing not just material wealth but also care and consideration for the recipient. At Florist-Bangkok, we take this tradition to new heights with our extraordinary money bouquet. This meticulously crafted masterpiece features 15 enchanting lilac roses, each handcrafted from two 500 Thai baht banknotes, resulting in a total of 15 vibrant money roses. The bouquet is thoughtfully arranged in the shape of a heart, symbolizing your deep affection and commitment.

To create this exceptional bouquet, we invest considerable time and effort. Obtaining the required 30 new 500 THB banknotes from the bank ensures that every rose radiates with the freshness of crisp currency. Our skilled florists meticulously fold and shape each banknote, bringing them to life as exquisite blossoms. The craftsmanship and attention to detail imbue the bouquet with a touch of artistry and elegance, making it a truly unique gift.

This awe-inspiring money bouquet, valued at $400+, conveys your genuine concern and care for the recipient. The generous amount of money showcased in this arrangement demonstrates your desire to provide support and ensure their happiness. It is a tangible expression of your devotion and an exquisite way to celebrate a momentous occasion or to express heartfelt gratitude.

To guarantee the bouquet’s pristine condition and timely delivery, we require a lead time of 2 days. We meticulously package the bouquet in a beautiful gift wrap, complemented by an elegant ribbon. Our dedicated team ensures safe transport, utilizing our own car for delivery to ensure the utmost security and privacy. Additionally, we include a heartfelt greeting card, allowing you to express your sentiments with a personalized message.

Presenting a money bouquet from Florist-Bangkok is an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression. Embrace this cherished Thai tradition and make your loved one’s day truly extraordinary with this remarkable gift.


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