Money Bouquets: A Timeless Gift Tradition in Bangkok 

In the vibrant and culturally rich city of Bangkok, a novel and enchanting gift idea has been gaining popularity: Money Bouquets. These exquisite arrangements, offered by Florist-Bangkok, blend the traditional charm of floral bouquets with the allure of crisp Thai banknotes, creating a truly memorable and meaningful gift.

Types of money bouquets from Florist-Bangkok

– Money bouquets with minimal addition of flowers (as a rule, these are bouquets consisting of “money roses” – banknotes bent in a special way. Money can be made from 1, 2 or 4 banknotes each. Such money roses are decorated with a small number of live ones flowers or green leaves (for example, white hispophila or bright panicles of statice flowers).

– Flower-money bouquets (such bouquets are more like classic large bouquets of fresh flowers, which are decorated with Thai banknotes of various denominations). A special fan-shaped method of placing banknotes in some cases allows you to make truly huge bouquets consisting of 100 or more banknotes.

The value of money bouquets in Bangkok

Unlike Western countries, where giving money in your love relationship can be misunderstood, in Thailand, care is one of the main signs of love, and money is one of the main indicators of caring for a person. Therefore, ordering money bouquets from our flower shop in Bangkok is a great way to declare your serious intentions, show your sincere care or show gratitude.

Reasons for order a money bouquet in Bangkok

Any money bouquets are popular in Thailand as a gift for a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, as well as for any reason or no reason (remember about showing care?). It can be a gift for your Thai girlfriend, wife and also as a gift for family members. All Thais love flowers very much, but when new crispy banknotes are added to fresh flowers, even the wealthiest people will be doubly happy with such a gift! But we thinkthat better not to give a cash bouquet to government officials unless you are in a romantic or family relationship.

Features of ordering cash bouquets in Bangkok

Our flower shop asks customers to order cash bouquets in advance rather than on the day of delivery. This is due to a number of reasons.

  • First, we have to get fresh banknotes from the bank, and this can only be done during business hours on business days, which can take several hours to visit the bank. We can get banknotes from any ATM, but the bills there are often not the freshest and they can spoil the appearance of the entire banknote.
  • Secondly, creating money bouquets takes a lot of time even from an experienced florist. Here we are not even talking about creating bouquets of money roses, which require about 5 hours of manual labor. Even for the simplest bouquets, our florists must prepare each banknote (place it in individual transparent bags and secure each banknote on a holder, with the help of which the banknote will be fixed in the bouquet.
  •  Thirdly, In addition, cash bouquets are of high value and we cannot leave such a bouquet in the hotel lobby or near the recipient’s house – cash bouquets are delivered only after agreeing on a convenient time with the recipient.Cost of money bouquets.

You may notice that the price of money bouquets is higher than the cost of the money itself in the bouquet. This is explained by large labor costs, the cost of flowers and materials used, commissions of payment systems, as well as the need to pay taxes from the full amount of proceeds (the price of cash bouquets can be very high).

Custom money bouquets in Phuket

Our Florist-Bangkok store allows you to create a completely unique bouquet of flowers and money. In other words, we can replace the flowers included in the bouquet on the our product’s catalog as well as replace the denomination of banknotes, which is why the money bouquet will have a different appearance and value for the recipient. Just write to our support team and we will tell you about all possible options and prices.

What is included in the price of cash bouquets

The bouquets you can see in the product gallery under the Money Bouquets category include fresh Thai and imported flowers and green filler, gift wrapping with ribbon, cash notes for the specified amount, and a greeting card with your message. Our flower shop in Bangkok charges a standard fee for delivery of cash bouquets in Bangkok, the suburbs and neighboring provinces. A detailed description of each bouquet (including the flowers and banknotes included in them) can be found on the page of each individual bouquet.

Give a holiday and good mood to your family and loved ones with money bouquets in Bangkok from Florist-Bangkok.