20 Red Rose and 10 000 THB Cash (2 days)


Experience luxury with our spectacular bouquet featuring 20 luscious red roses paired with 10,000 Thai baht. This grand arrangement from Florist-Bangkok combines the timeless beauty of fresh, imported red roses with the allure of 100 crisp 100-baht banknotes, creating a memorable gift that exudes both elegance and value. The accompanying image in our product gallery showcases the impressive scale of this floral and monetary display, crafted meticulously by our expert florists. Perfect for significant occasions like anniversaries and birthdays, or as a gesture of profound affection, this bouquet makes a striking statement. Due to the intricate craftsmanship and time involved, please place your order at least two days in advance.


In Thailand, presenting cash bouquets is a cherished tradition, and when combined with fresh flowers, these gifts become even more extraordinary. Our premium bouquet, featuring 10,000 Thai baht (approximately $275-305), is designed to impress regardless of the recipient’s financial status. The inclusion of vibrant red roses, symbols of passionate love, along with the significant monetary value, conveys a deep sense of care and affection.

We use only fresh banknotes sourced directly from the bank, ensuring the bouquet’s pristine appearance. This attention to detail, along with the complex assembly process, necessitates advance ordering – we cannot offer same-day delivery for this item due to banking hours and the time required for meticulous craftsmanship.

Each of the 100 banknotes is individually encased in a clear sleeve and expertly arranged, reflecting the high level of skill and effort invested by our florists. Customization options are available; you can modify the number of banknotes, their denominations, and the floral components to suit your preferences. For bespoke orders, please contact our support team to discuss your specifications and receive a tailored quote.

If you can pay via direct bank transfer, our flower shop in Bangkok can offer you free car delivery of this large cash bouquet anywhere in Bangkok.


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