Perfect Love flower box


The Perfect Love flower box from Florist-Bangkok flower shop is an extravagant and impressive gift that speaks volumes of your deepest affections and sincere intentions. This magnificent arrangement features a grand total of 101 premium red roses with large buds, making it a truly remarkable display. In many countries, 101 roses are synonymous with ideal and everlasting love, often chosen as an engagement gift. Giving such a floral masterpiece is perfect for anyone looking to make a grand romantic gesture or to express their unwavering devotion on a special occasion. The bouquet comes complete with fresh gypsophila for added contrast and decoration, all expertly arranged in a large gift box with a water oasis to ensure the flowers stay vibrant and healthy. To add a personal touch, the flower box also includes a heartfelt greeting card from Florist-Bangkok flower shop, allowing you to convey your message directly to the recipient. With its premium quality and attention to detail, the Perfect Love flower box is a statement of love that will leave a lasting impression.


The Perfect Love flower box from Florist-Bangkok flower shop is an exquisite arrangement designed to convey profound emotions and evoke the language of flowers. Red roses, the epitome of passion and love, hold a symbolic significance that transcends words. Each stem in this remarkable bouquet represents an unspoken declaration of affection, making it an ideal gift for someone you hold dear. With 101 radiant red roses, the Perfect Love flower box represents an extraordinary level of devotion. Accompanied by fresh gypsophila for a touch of delicacy and contrast, this arrangement showcases the artistry of our experienced florists, ensuring every detail is meticulously attended to.

At Florist-Bangkok flower shop, we understand the importance of freshness, and our premium red roses are handpicked to guarantee their vibrant beauty. In addition, we offer convenient delivery services to any area of Bangkok, including the suburbs and neighboring provinces. Our dedicated team ensures that your flower box arrives promptly and in perfect condition. If you place your order before 12:00, we can even arrange for same-day delivery, allowing you to surprise your loved one without delay. Whether you’re searching for a flower shop in Bangkok or looking to send flowers to Bangkok, the Perfect Love flower box is an exceptional choice that promises to make a lasting impression.


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