Flower Fairy Flower Box


The Flower Fairy Flower Box from Florist-Bangkok is a perfect embodiment of elegance and sentiment. Crafted with utmost care and creativity, this exquisite bouquet in a box is a delightful ensemble of nature’s finest blooms. It showcases a harmonious blend of delicate pink roses, pristine white hydrangea, and charming pink gerberas, artfully complemented by the presence of regal pink or lilac dahlias and vibrant purple daisies. This enchanting flower basket is the ideal gift for a multitude of occasions and recipients in Bangkok. Whether it’s a celebration of love, a token of appreciation, a gesture of friendship, or a heartfelt apology, the Flower Fairy Flower Basket conveys emotions that words alone cannot express. The gift box, adorned with a colorful ribbon and accompanied by a personalized greeting card.

Fresh Premium Roses;
Same day delivery (after paying before 2 pm);
Greeting card with your message (for free).


Indulge in the profound symbolism of the Flower Fairy Flower Box from Florist-Bangkok, where each bloom tells a unique story. This meticulously crafted bouquet in a box is a masterpiece of floral artistry, curated by our seasoned florists with over 14 years of expertise. The arrangement is a symphony of blooms, with every flower chosen for its distinct significance.

The bouquet features delicate pink roses, embodying admiration and gratitude, while the white hydrangea symbolizes heartfelt emotions and genuine intentions. Pink gerberas, with their cheerful charm, convey fondness and joy. The presence of large pink or lilac dahlias signifies enchantment and love at first sight. Vibrant purple daisies bring a touch of whimsy, representing creativity and imagination. The seasonal green fillers not only enhance the visual appeal but also signify growth and rejuvenation.

Such a thoughtful arrangement is ideal for various recipients and occasions in Bangkok. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, expressing sympathy, congratulating an achievement, or simply reaching out to a friend, the Flower Fairy Flower Box is a heartfelt choice. To guarantee the timely delivery of this botanical masterpiece from our Bangkok flower shop, we recommend placing your order in advance. While most bouquets offer same-day delivery, our florists pour their expertise into every arrangement, ensuring a truly exceptional gift. And don’t forget, each bouquet comes with the option to include a personal message on the greeting card, adding a touch of your own sentiment to the gift of nature’s beauty.


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