Happy Day basket

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The Happy Day flower basket from Florist-Bangkok. This vibrant floral arrangement features an abundance of fresh blooms, combining the cheerful hues of red, pink, yellow, and cream roses with the lively colors of orange and red gerberas, pink lilies, and blue hydrangeas. This stunning ensemble is designed to evoke a festive atmosphere, making it a perfect gift to brighten someone’s day. The diverse mix of flowers conveys not only beauty but also a joyful and celebratory mood, which is why our florists aptly named it the “Happy Day” flower basket. A personalized greeting card with your message is included. Same day flower delivery in Bangkok and to the suburbs and neighboring provinces is an additional charge. The gallery of this product provides a clear view of the basket’s impressive size.


The Happy Day flower basket from Florist-Bangkok is a meticulously curated floral arrangement designed to bring joy and celebration. Each flower in this basket holds a special meaning: red roses symbolize deep love, pink roses represent admiration, yellow roses bring joy, and cream roses signify charm. The addition of orange and red gerberas adds cheerfulness, while pink lilies contribute elegance and purity. Blue hydrangeas, with their calming hue, symbolize gratitude and heartfelt emotions. This thoughtfully arranged basket not only looks visually stunning but also carries rich symbolic value, making it ideal for any joyous occasion.

Crafting such a delightful and festive basket requires the skill and artistry of our experienced florists. They carefully select each bloom for its freshness and vibrant color, ensuring that the final arrangement is both harmonious and aesthetically pleasing. The unique combination of colors and flowers is designed to create a cheerful and positive atmosphere, perfect for celebrating special moments.

Opting for a flower basket over a traditional bouquet offers several advantages. Baskets can hold more flowers, giving them a fuller and more impressive appearance. They are easier to care for, as they do not require a vase and can be conveniently placed and displayed. The inclusion of a water oasis at the bottom ensures the flowers remain hydrated and fresh for a longer period.

At Florist-Bangkok, we take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to quality. Our florists use only the freshest flowers, sourced daily from trusted suppliers, to craft each basket. While same-day delivery is available for orders placed in the morning, we recommend placing your order 2-3 days in advance to ensure the arrangement closely matches the picture on our website. Trust our flower delivery service in Bangkok to bring joy and beauty to your loved ones with our expertly crafted arrangements.


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